Our Mission

We're on a mission to encourage women to love themselves, work on their goals and to live happy NOW. 

Beautifully You Collection

Our Values


We believe that everyone is naturally beautiful inside and out and is deserving of love, acceptance and celebration. Together, we're redefining traditional beauty norms so that the word beautiful reflects how women feel instead of what we look like. 


We believe that a simplified lifestyle leads to a clear and confident mind, body and soul. 


We believe that fashion has the power to make you feel great and ready to conquer the day.


We believe that you should have the freedom to be unapologetically you and that fashion should be accessible to all shapes and sizes.

Beautifully You Collection | Our Story

The Inspiration

At one point in her life, Isabella Brusilo, the founder of The Beautifully You Collection, was shamed for her size and didn’t give herself or her body the love that it deserved. She was constantly struggling to find clothing that fit her and brands that resonated with how she was feeling.

Then one day she discovered some inspirational body-positive women who were speaking out on Instagram saying that the way your body was made is not wrong and that you can and should love yourself no matter what shape or size you are. She realized that so many women felt the same way as her and then the body positive messages started to work their magic. Instead of hating her curves she started embracing them!

That’s when the idea of The Beautifully You Collection was born. Isabella wanted to create a  boutique that encouraged women of all ages to embrace their body and be happy NOW. Her goal is for women to feel inspired, stylish and carefree. She felt that a shop filled with gorgeous, simple, and fashion for all sizes could help women remember that they are worth celebrating and that life is truly beautiful.